Diversity & Inclusion Scholarship

Alysha's Community Donation Yoga classes are donation only with 100% of the proceeds going toward the Diversity & Inclusion Scholarship. All donations will be matched by shefayoga Roosevelt up to $1,500.

The purpose of the Diversity & Inclusion Scholarship is to encourage greater diversity within the local yoga community by offering scholarships to deserving students to participate in yoga teacher training. Students receiving scholarships will demonstrate financial need and identify with one or more underrepresented groups within the local yoga community (such as but not limited to: people of color, immigrants, refugees, homeless people, formerly incarcerated people, veterans), and should aspire to also bring yoga to those respective communities.

There is no formal or online application for this scholarship. If you are interested in the scholarship and/or have questions, please contact Alysha to request an informal "get to know you" interview.

**It is also highly recommended but not required that interested students attend a few classes at shefayoga Roosevelt and/or hauteyoga Queen Anne before scheduling an interview. If you are available Sunday mornings, consider attending Alysha's 8AM Community Vinyasa class!